Chicago Physical Therapy Studio In Motion PT is offering a FREE 30 minute discovery visit to new patients

In Motion Physical Therapy, Lincoln Park’s premium physical therapy service, is offering a free 30-minute discovery visit to new patients. Offers a wide range of physiotherapy services.

Physiotherapy in motion offers free discovery visits to new patients. Each visit consists of a 30-minute session during which the patient has the opportunity to speak one-to-one with the lead physiotherapist.

Discovery sessions are designed to give patients an idea of ​​what to expect from their physical therapy sessions. Patients can share their problems or concerns with the therapist during the discovery session. Visitors can also discuss what they think may have caused the problem and get the physiotherapist’s opinion on possible treatment options that offer the most benefit.

Physiotherapy in motion

Each discovery session is completely free and there is no obligation to get a follow-up or to make a future appointment. The sessions provide an excellent opportunity for people suffering from injuries of any kind, unrelenting body pain, or an inability to carry out everyday activities. In order to claim the free discovery session, patients will need to fill out an online form to provide their name and a valid email address, as well as a current phone number, and the In Motion team will be in touch with them, to arrange your free visit.

The form also includes a few questions that help the In Motion therapists better assess the patient’s current condition, and in turn, make the discovery session more fruitful for the patient.

Readers can have their issues resolved by booking the free Discovery session with In Motion Physical Therapy at the official website link: fill out a short form to make an appointment.

dr Lauren Schnidman, the Founder and Lead Therapist Physiotherapy in motion, takes a proactive and holistic approach to physical therapy when treating their patients to ensure they get the most out of their performance physical therapy sessions. She advises people who suffer from mild but regular body pain to take a proactive approach to seeking treatment before the condition develops into a more serious injury.

Jessica Blodgett, a flight attendant, recently shared her experience with Dr. Lauren Schnidman at InMotion Physical Therapy:

“I came to Lauren after irritating an old ACL injury and was tired of dealing with knee pain from early onset osteoarthritis. I was looking for a non-invasive solution to prevent further injury. I’m a flight attendant and really appreciated the creativity Lauren showed in developing exercises for me to do in the hotels. After the treatment I could really feel the improvement in my ability to walk up and down stairs pain free and definitely had more strength in my lower body to support my knee.”

About In Motion Physiotherapy

Located on Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois, Physiotherapy in motion is a physical therapy clinic dedicated to providing the best healthcare services to patients. InMotion offers a variety of therapies including, but not limited to, physical therapy, sports therapy, personal training, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, manual and home therapy as directed by a physician, and therapeutic weight loss programs. dr Lauren Schnidman, the founder and owner of In Motion Physical Therapy, is a Board-Certified Exercise and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Her extensive experience working with a wide variety of patients has helped her create therapy routines that are tailored to each patient’s needs and requirements.


Physiotherapy in motion

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