Packing Service Inc. expands crating services nationwide

Brings the benefits of its custom crates, crates and more to a wider audience across the country

Packing Service Inc. has expanded its crate service nationwide, helping a broader customer base access the renowned custom crates and impeccable service that have earned it its reputation.

Founded in 2003, the company has steadily grown to become the gold standard for the country’s transportation and moving industry. At the heart of its renowned packaging and moving solutions is a commitment to providing only the best to its customers. This legacy has resulted in a 97% customer satisfaction rating and their reviews are a testament to the high standards of service that Packing Service Inc. associates can expect.

As a matter of fact, wooden boxes are in a class of their own and ticked the right boxes for clients. It’s one of the company’s many world-class solutions that includes professional packing and wrapping that’s safe and secure. Packing Service Inc. also provides its customers with the best quality moving supplies and takes care of loading packages into trucks. Palletizing solutions, where items can be strapped onto pallets, also have many benefits for customers.

Packing Service Inc. expands crate service nationwide

Packing Service Inc. can undertake the task of shipping anywhere in the country or internationally. And now it’s bringing its highly regarded crate service across the nation, too. It is interesting to note that the company custom builds wooden cases for each item on site. They can be adapted for furniture or boxes in the home, or for machinery and equipment in business premises.

These custom boxes can be made in virtually any shape and size to be bespoke and meet customers’ requirements. Packing Service Inc. then takes on the task of loading and shipping these custom boxes anywhere in the country or internationally. Each of these tasks, from building the boxes to shipping them, is completed without inconvenience to customers and on time.

As always, Packing Service Inc. assures its customers of the quality of the materials used. These crates are built using only high quality wood. This means that they offer the best possible protection for customers’ valuable property. From antique furniture to other fragile items; They are best suited for various items. The company also works with an experienced team of professionals who can effectively cope with these tasks every time.

It is this level of professionalism and service that has made Packing Service Inc. the leading choice for customers. It offers a wide range of crating services including electronic and IT equipment crates, home and commercial crates, floating crates, sculpture shipping crates, art crates, pet shipping crates and more. And now these services are available to customers across the country.

Those interested in making the most of it Custom crates and services may contact Packing Service Inc. at and get started.

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