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Learn how to attract ideal customers and use the business to increase profits

Susan Danzig, Management Consultant for the San Francisco Bay Area, is pleased to announce this Business coaching services for financial advisors and financial planners. The coaching programs are designed to help financial service providers expand their business through specialization. It is important for any financial advisor or planner to understand who an ideal client is and how to reach that clientele. Most professionals think of every customer as an ideal customer. This is one of the main reasons why they don’t have success with many of their clients. All along, these financial planners and advisors have been chasing the wrong clients and not attracting the right ones.

The important thing to understand here is that the ideal client should choose their planner and not the other way around. These programs are designed to help financial services firms identify their ideal customers and generate more revenue through a process called specialization. Susan Danzig, certified Business coach for financial planners and consultants, helps these professionals to define their specialty; supported by a written marketing plan that provides the right direction and support to achieve their own goals. Susan has coached over 1,000 finance professionals, helping them increase their revenues and rise high in their respective careers.

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Susan Danzig believes the most powerful aspect of coaching is the “renewable energy” it brings to the business. Those who choose to join the program can rest assured that they will receive effective coaching with consistent support to enable individuals to build a business with new purpose. As a leading business consultant in Moraga, California, Susan helps clients identify new paths and opportunities that match their skills and that will lead to their professional and tax goals. “When I completed the FAST program I already had a successful business but was stuck at my 2018 production level. Since joining the FAST program, my production has increased by 14%. I’m on my way to having my best year ever. What is truly valuable is Susan’s unfailing positivity and high level of personal support,” said Marc LaRhette, CFP®.

(Delete – The company also offers Business coaching for mortgage brokers). The private coaching programs are made available to consultants to use as enablers for growth and expansion. Clients are provided with the tools they need to further develop their business. A 90-day marketing plan is included in the client toolkit to aid in strategic planning. Everything included in the programs is designed to provide a high level of accountability and support to help participants make tactical decisions that lead to consistent results. Business coaching for mortgage brokers or financial planners and advisors will help them confidently create a tailored marketing plan, master the art of lead generation and the sales process, and build a productive network.

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About Susanne Danzig

Susanne Danzig is one Management consultant for the San Francisco Bay Area, a Certified Business Development Coach, a Certified Masters Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a National Board Member of the Financial Planning Association. For over 20 years, Susan has helped clients identify their skills, develop effective marketing strategies and convert them into lucrative opportunities.



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Susan Danzig - Business Development Coaching for financial service providers


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