Experienced Title IX Lawyers Can Help You Fight For Your Rights And Defend Your Reputation

When discrimination against a particular group of people takes place on a college or university campus, you may be entitled to the help of Title IX Lawyers. The federal government passed the Title IX law in 1972 to make sex-based discrimination against students illegal in educational institutions. This law requires that colleges and universities treat all students equally, regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, or any other characteristic. Unfortunately, many people are subject to discrimination every day in college.

There are a variety of legal remedies that can be pursued by individuals or groups. The federal Office for Civil Rights (OCR) can investigate complaints against institutions. However, if a federal court rules that there is discrimination on a college or university campus, an individual may file a lawsuit against the school to obtain economic and emotional damages. A successful case could also result in a permanent injunction against the school’s discriminatory behavior.

A qualified Title IX Lawyer Florida can force a school into reversing its policies and implementing change. These attorneys are adept at pushing school bureaucrats out of their comfort zones. These administrators have bottom-line motivations to discriminate against men and feel that if they don’t see their sons with a lawyer, they will simply leave. A Title IX Lawyer can push them beyond that, and help your son win his case.

The investigator hired by the school or university can be biased and can fail to uncover important details. An investigator with a vested interest in the school’s decision may leave out critical evidence or make a biased decision. Without a knowledgeable Title IX Lawyer, your university may end up losing federal funds. When you hire a Title IX Lawyer, you are ensuring the best chance of getting justice for your child. And it’s a smart investment.

While a student can report a possible violation of the Title IX laws, a faculty member can file a complaint. If this happens, the school must fix the violation within 30 days or risk losing federal funds. If it fails to do so, you may have grounds to bring civil charges against the defendants. The KJK Student & Athlete Defense practice group is equipped to handle such claims. While the Title IX process has many limitations, it does offer a strong defense for the accused student. A Title IX lawyer can help you navigate the process and avoid the legal pitfalls.

When it comes to hiring a Title IX lawyer, you should be sure to choose an attorney with a proven track record in fighting against discrimination on college and university campuses.  They can also assist you with appeals in case of a discriminatory action. And don’t forget to check if the attorney is a licensed attorney in the state where your case is taking place.

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