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Featuring inspiring stories about entrepreneurs and their sustainable businesses that make eco-friendly products

The Heart of Waraba has entered its third season, sharing stories from sustainable entrepreneurs from around the world. Stories range from two friends in Mexico who started a business to make sustainable leather from cacti, to an eco-hotel developer on an ancient island in the Nile in Egypt. A story tells of a sustainable entrepreneur from Portugal who started his company, The Rotten Fruit Box, to dry fruit waste to provide additional markets to local farmers and reduce food waste, which is a major contributor to climate change.

Heart of Waraba – Tales of Pride

Sustainable Entrepreneurs are innovators and pioneers in creating a healthy planet, and the stories are researched and written by college interns.

Heart of Waraba Director Sally Beth Shore said: “We think these stories are particularly impactful because they are identified, researched and written by college students, a generation who have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic but also an epidemic of despair in the face of global warming. By highlighting the work of innovators around the world, we show that people can and do make a difference and hope to inspire others.

You can read more about the Stories of Pride here: https://heartofwaraba.com/stories-of-pride-blog/

The purpose of Heart of Waraba is to promote hope and solutions to our environmental problems and to encourage business as a force to create a healthy planet.

Her husband Michael Shore, co-director of the nonprofit, adds: “Sustainable entrepreneurs are a growing economic force in the campaign to create a healthy planet. We must cultivate hope to help humanity face the challenge of climate change, and one cannot read the Heart of Waraba stories with a sense of hope.”

Waraba means ‘lion’ in the West African language of Bambara, and Sally Beth and Michael chose the lion as their emblem for the non-profit organization because it takes courage to be an entrepreneur.

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About the heart of Waraba

The heart of Waraba is an online community committed to sharing the stories of sustainable entrepreneurs from around the world. We offer inspiration, hope and connection with a bold mission: to support sustainable entrepreneurs in their quest to create great businesses and a healthy planet. listen to this Podcast Heart of Waraba.



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