MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage opens new location in San Ramon, California

Chris Corrales, top massage therapist specializing in hands-on RSI therapy for effective pain management

MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage is pleased to announce that they have opened a center in a new location in San Ramon, CA. Owned and operated by Chris Corrales, San Ramon’s best massage therapistThis center offers holistic treatments for patients with chronic pain. The core principle followed here is that they don’t focus on the pain, they focus on the person. The injury could be similar in two different people. But pain varies from person to person. It can have physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of these elements that can contribute to the level of pain. It is the understanding of this particular uniqueness that makes MedicinEvolution the best in the field.

MedicinEvolution – body work beyond massage

San Ramon’s top sports masseur specializes in Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Labrum Tear, Lordosis, Neuromuscular Pain, Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain and ROLF. Chris follows the structural integration method of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. The core concepts of ROLF are hands-on therapy, structural alignment, creation of new neural pathways, and restructuring of movements. Within the structural integration, Chris uses various other modalities such as Osteopathy, Tuina, Swedish Massage, Bodytalk Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Bowen Therapy, Homeopathy and sometimes Martial Arts movements.

Chris is known as San Ramon’s top bodywork therapist among his satisfied clients who have been to several professionals such as physical therapists and chiropractors, followed their advice on various exercises and stretches and have not found relief. These clients who have undergone therapy at MedicinEvolution have realized that it is not about the pain but about their own body and how it is reacting to the injury or trauma at hand. It’s about understanding the body to avoid similar problems and long-term problems. Over the years Chris has developed a keen eye for detail. His training allows him to sense the problem and see the origin and methods of solving the problem.

For anyone who has been in pain for a very long time and is tired of multiple visits to their physical therapists and chiropractors, it’s time to see San Ramon’s best Sports Massage Therapist. The site offers online appointment scheduling, where customers can schedule an initial free 15-minute phone consultation. During these few minutes, Chris will try to understand the problem and get a better sense of whether or not he can help the patient. Once he is sure, a one-hour personal assessment will be arranged to discuss the options. The second step is to book a movement assessment and strategy session, followed by Chris recommending a program that best suits the body and will help patients reconnect with their body and live pain free lives.

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About MedicinEvolution – body work beyond massage

MedicinEvolution – Bodywork Beyond Massage was created by Chris Corrales, San Ramon’s premier massage therapist and Rolf Structural Integration (RSI) practitioner, who blends modern neuroscience with old-school therapy and functional movement. The holistic center offers hands-on therapy, new nerve pathways and movement therapies with new patterns as well as solutions for effective pain treatment.



MedicinEvolution – body work beyond massage

Address: 4 Crow Canyon Ct, Suite 150, San Ramon, CA 94583

Telephone: 925-922-2246


MedicinEvolution body work beyond massage

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