Spartan Coins is creating a commemorative coin for the demolition of Phoenix Sky Harbor Int Airport Terminal 2 and mural relocation

Also with custom commemorative coins, custom challenge coins, lapel pins, action figures, t-shirts and more

Spartan Coins is pleased to announce that they have created a new coin about the demolition of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 2 and the relocation of the murals. you have manufactured individual commemorative coins and custom challenge coins for multiple government and public agencies such as Phoenix PD, Goodyear PD, Bakersfield Police, Arizona Bowl, United States Border Patrol, 100 Club of Arizona, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, NYPD and many others. This Arizona-based company is owned and operated by veteran Rob Blackburn. The company specializes in all kinds of custom challenge coins. These coins are given by organizations to their employees who truly deserve to be honored. In the armed forces, these coins are proof that the owners of the coins are members of a specific task force, agency, unit, etc.

Spartan coins

Spartan Coins understands the importance of Challenge Coins and Commemorative Coins and as such takes great care in designing them with the utmost respect and impeccable attention to detail. Customers are now just minutes away from creating their own custom metal challenge coins, pins and other types of promotional items. Custom minting services also include FREE artwork and designs on a case-by-case basis. What makes this company the most desirable is that quality and affordability share the same space. While other players in the market charge a fortune for a custom coin die and setup. Customers can benefit from industry-leading and cost-saving custom coin manufacturing services. Spartan Coins has special offers throughout the year.

Customers who order 150 coins will receive up to 50 percent off their coin shape. Offer applies to all custom commemorative coins up to 2.25 inches in size, and custom shapes are also available. It’s easy to submit an online request and get a confirmation from the design team. Customers typically receive the graphic and quote within 24 business hours. Once the artwork is approved by the customer, the order is placed and the team proceeds to produce the custom coin, pin, or other merchandise. High relief 3D metal prices start at $75 per side. The cost usually fluctuates based on the 3D image size customers want. Die-cast Zinc Alloy coins offered here are 4mm thick as opposed to 3mm minted coins. Customers are also cordially invited to contribute their input and ideas. The designers can take the simplest of design ideas, like written words in an email, into complex images that represent the organization and its values, turning them into a fabulous keepsake.

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Spartan Coins is the only one inspired by Spartan custom coin Manufacturing company offering customized coins, customized challenge coins, custom lapel pins and other custom metal promotional tokens. The company has over 15 years of industry experience creating and manufacturing custom commemorative coins.



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Spartan coins

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