Swimfool launches brand new pool maintenance website

Reveals helpful and easy-to-follow pool maintenance and hot tub maintenance tips

Swimfool has launched a brand new website dedicated to practical and useful information about pool maintenance and hot tub care that is also easy to follow.

There is nothing more relaxing, fun and invigorating for the whole family than a dip in the pool, especially during the warm summer months. That is why people invest in swimming pools, whirlpools or paddling pools depending on their needs and the space they have. However, it is important to understand that they require regular maintenance, which can become a tiring and time-consuming affair for people.

This is where this comprehensive online resource, created by expert Max Berg, comes into its own. It is driven by the goal of making pool maintenance uncomplicated for humans. You can get valuable tips to improve water quality, save costs and ensure people can swim safely at all times. The well-researched specialist articles on Swimfool avoid unnecessary troubleshooting or product waste.

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The platform is also working on environmentally friendly solutions for pool management. It is interesting to note that while the articles are well researched and contain expert opinions, they are easy for people to understand and follow. That certainly applies to the handy maintenance guide found at Swimfool. Right at the beginning it speaks of three pillars of care – pool technology, water balance and manual pool cleaning.

It then walks readers through various steps to optimally care for their pools. Swimfool has also offered insights into Basic pool maintenance tips this can be just right for beginners. The article mentions that the best tip for pool maintenance is to regularly check the water balance with test strips and improve the value if necessary. He then offers 13 simple tips that will make pool maintenance easier for many people.

Another interesting highlight of this information resource is that it engages readers with their specific choices. For example, the pool maintenance articles talk about cleaning pools with chlorine and without chemicals so that readers can make their own decisions. Those who want Clear cloudy pool water quickly benefit from the simple step-by-step guide with detailed instructions that can prevent the problem from occurring again in the future.

After all, there are a lot of mysteries around pool chemicals; How do they work, are they really needed, what are the benefits? The Chemicals 101 article on Swimfool provides insight into what, when and how to add these chemicals to the pool. The article mentions the essential chemicals such as chlorine, a chlorine stabilizer, bromine, acids to raise or lower pH, a hardness stabilizer, algaecides to stop algae growth and a flocculant for crystal clear water, and how to use them intelligently.

There are many other useful and easy to understand articles to be found on Swimfool which has made it the only place people need to visit to take care of their pools, hot tubs and wading pools.

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