The Most Valuable Asset Of The Company Is Its Professional Team

Seko Construction is a general contractor specializing in commercial and industrial construction. Its services include design as well as construction and project management. The company’s Vancouver office is its headquarters. The company is expanding rapidly and is looking for new employees. The business was started as a pre-engineered steel building company however, it has since grown into a variety of recreational and commercial facilities.

Although SEKO is known for its innovative value added freight forwarding (VAFF) services, it also offers an array of e-commerce logistics and white glove delivery solutions. It has 120 offices in 40 countries. In addition to its main office in Shanghai it also has collection centers in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Hong Kong. SEKO has more than 300 employees in China and plans to expand its warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. SEKO is also a global leader in e-commerce logistics and technology that provides shippers with an improved delivery experience.

According to SEKO’s website, it focuses on the requirements of its clients. In order to give its customers a better experience, SEKO has partnered with specific technology platforms. These platforms are designed to provide seamless information flow and improved delivery experiences. With this in mind, SEKO has expanded its reach and now serves its ever-growing array of value-added clients in freight forwarding. SEKO has also purchased Air-City, Inc. for 2020. It has also invested in several mezzanine floors that will increase the capacity of its facility.

They can create a positive work environment that encourages employees to invest in their future. They also prioritize safety and have a well-designed safety program. The company has also invested in numerous technologically advanced projects.

SEKO also has a large and varied portfolio of clients. It has large retail clients. The company also has a specific area for value-added forwarding services. Among other things, it provides air transport and white glove delivery and healthcare logistics.

Another feature of the company that makes it stand out from other construction companies is its focus on design. Seko can work with an architect or engineer to design a layout that meets the needs of the client. When a project is underway the construction manager will collaborate with the design team, suppliers and trade contractors to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process. He will also aid in encouraging communication among the team members.

SEKO is a leading construction company in China due to the advantages and benefits it offers. In addition, its expansion into China is expected to boost the company’s growth.

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